Matthew Mascelli 


Matthew is the chief recording engineer with the Patrizio Recording Studio.  Matthew has been working with sound for the last ten years.  Starting in high school he worked as the chair of lighting and sound group responsible for the technical production of all the high school plays and musicals.  While attending Saint Michael’s College, Matthew continued to work in the theater and eventually rose to the title of technical director for student productions.  While there he was responsible for all live mixing in the theatre and also recorded hundreds of hours of student groups.  He continues to work as a technical director and sound designer in local schools.

Matthew was very excited when Mike Patrizio came to him with his dream for having a recording studio located inside the Patrizio Center for the Arts.  Matthew designed the recording studio from the ground up and carefully selected all of the equipment that is now located in the studio.  In addition, Matthew and William Germano, installed and wired the entire studio.  They believe that this allows them to provide a more superior level of service and quality because they have intimate knowledge of every component and wire in the studio.