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Welcome to ANM2 Recording Studio, a premium recording studio in the Capital Region.  At our studio we strive to provide superior quality while maintaining affordable prices.  The Patrizio Recording Studio is a full service recording studio offering audio recording, mixing, CD mastering, and CD duplication.

Our studio space has been built from the ground up to provide the greatest experience for your music production.  We started with an empty room to insure that the greatest level of sound proofing could be attained.  The floor is raised and isolated floor to prevent ‘slap-back’ and ‘rumbling’ that typically comes from bass drums and bass amplifiers.  In addition to this treatment, we covered each wall with both drywall and homesote which help to increase the isolation of the room.  Finally, the room was analyzed by Auralex Sound Proofing.  In this process, they construct the room in a computer program and determine the appropriate number and placement of acoustical panels.  We then purchased these panels and placed them around the room to insure that the room has the greatest sound possible for your recording.

We have the ability to record up to 24 simultaneous channels while also providing the musicians up to 10 individualized headphone mixes.  In addition, we have software that allows you to stream your own music wirelessly from any Android or Apple product to our system and listen to it in your headphone mix.  This is beneficial to a singer who wants to sing along to a track that has already been created.

 Chief Engineer: Matthew Mascelli


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