Sensei Larry Gravett is a 4th degree black belt, who has been teaching the martial art of Kokikai AIKIDO for the past 15 years.  AIKIDO is a unique self-defense martial art that does not require physical strength but teaches the practitioner how to use an attacker’s momentum to their advantage.  Our Motto is “Minimum Effort, Maximum Effect.” 

AIKIDO doesn’t advocate fighting so the purpose of practice is to help one another learn and become proficient with self-defense techniques without competing.  Practice also promotes good health and teaches mind and body coordination.

You will learn how to relax at all times, especially during times of stress.  AIKIDO is designed to be practiced in daily life.  Since there is stress in daily life, AIKIDO teaches you how to manage stress and conflict through breathing techniques and conflict resolution. 


Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday evenings 8:15-9:15pm